He was born in the south of Mexico City on February 2, 1998.

Following the tradition of his ancestors, he has shown interest in Fine Arts, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and music, since he was a child.

His love for photography began during family gatherings and travels. His curiosity to capture the world from a personal and unique perspective that he wants to share with us has awakened.

On Christmas 2016, he received as a gift his first semi-professional camera, which allowed him to start his career as a photographer. He started capturing adventures and experiences, of which this page gives some samples.

Travel and Nature are important parts of his interests and have contributed culturally and creatively to his work over the years. Mexico City is the main protagonist of his work, but there are other important cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, and Amsterdam.

He has photographed international artists such as LP, Drake Bell, Jay de la Cueva, Alemán and Cuco, among others. He has taken photographs to promote important brands such as Nike, Dr. Martens and Reebok.